Brian D. Woodruff
30 Eighth Avenue North
Hopkins, MN 55343

Phone: (952) 200-0065



  • years experience in web development including:
    • Project lead on major system development
    • Perl, PHP, Python, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript
    • Interfacing with databases including: PostgreSQL, mySQL and DBM
    • interacting with third party systems via XML, REST, SOAP, etc.

  • Experience with other web tools including:
    • jquery, jqueryUI, ImageMagick, SSL (secure server), Server Side Includes
  • Experience with other languages including:
    • C, C++, Pascal, Turbo Pascal, Assembler, BASIC, Visual BASIC, FoxPro, PostScript, PDF
  • Experience with shell scripting in:
    • Bourne shell, csh (C shell), Bash, sed, awk
  • Experienced in other technologies including
    • SQL, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), PGP

Operating Systems:

  • UNIX: Administrating, and Programming for UNIX Systems including:
    • FreeBSD
    • Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, sundry other flavors)
  • Microsoft Products
    • Windows
    • MS DOS
  • Other:
    • VAX/VMS
    • MacOS

Other Skills and Tools:

  • Cloud Computing via Amazon Web Services
  • Administrative experience with Apache web server
  • Lead engineer experience
  • Project management


Cool Web Tech, LLC /, Inc.
President and Web Engineer
July 2000 - Present

Hopkins, MN

Created new Internet Service Provider by purchasing Quintessential Communications, Inc. and bringing its assets under a new name, incorporated in the state of Minnesota. Duties include bookkeeping, human resources, sales, management, server administration, web development.

Quintessential Communications, Inc.
President and Web Engineer
August 1997 - July 2000

Minnetonka, MN

Performed sales and financial tasks and some development until October 1999. Purchased business in October, 1999 and took on all tasks including web development, server administration, sales, customer service, etc.

Starkey Laboratories, Inc.
Systems Engineer
June 1996 - June 2000

Eden Prairie, MN

Starkey is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Created hearing aid performance modeling software and algorithms, best-fit software and algorithms, performed troubleshooting tasks on circuit performance problems and provided guidance for many of my coworkers. Also performed some promotion tasks at large sales events, designing, building and setting up demonstration areas for these shows, as well as performing demos at these shows. Gave training seminars to Starkey customers.

Argosy Electronics, Inc.
Project Engineer
April 1988 - June 1996

Eden Prairie, MN

Created hearing aid projects including design, working with silicon foundry, working with hybrid fabrication plant, bringing the design into production and supporting it there. Created hearing aid quality control system including go/no-go testing and data archiving. Said software was later sold to the manufacturer of the test equipment used, so that they cold resell it to other manufacturers. Co-authored several peer-review journal articles.